Approaching a Messy Situation

We’ve all observed someone who hasn’t noticed their dog pooping. Most times it’s unintentional but the fact is, there’s a missed opportunity to keep the park clean.

Many people struggle with this situation. What to do?

  1. Do you ignore it and walk on by?
  2. Do you grumble and pick it up?
  3. Do you call the person, point it out and hope they pick it up?

If you choose to approach the person, what are some polite, non-confrontational things to say? How about the following:

  1. “Pardon me. Is that your dog having a poop?”
  2. “Oh my, I believe your dog is leaving a mess behind.”
  3. “Looks like your dog is depositing a load over there.”
  4. “May I bring to your attention… your dog is pooping.”
  5. “Oh look… I think that’s your dog having a dump.”
  6. “Hi there. Looks like you’re on clean-up doo-ty.”
  7. “I believe it’s your turn to pick up.”

Depending on the situation, you could follow up with one of these comments:

  1. “May I offer you a bag?”
  2. “Thanks for helping us keep the park clean.”

There are so many ways to approach the subject but we feel these are a few gentle and effective ways to gain compliance. Best wishes with your approach and thanks for your help!