River Park is a beautiful inner-city area located at 4500 14A Street SW. This multi-use space spans 21 hectares and is open for use from 5am to 11pm. It is often considered part of a wider area that contains Sandy Beach (along the Bow River) and the Britannia Slopes, an escarpment on the east side.

The area contains a well known space called “Cat’s Park within a Park”, an area dedicated to Cathryn Margetts. Cat was the proud proprietor of Barking Mad Dog Service, a successful entrepreneur who dreamed of becoming a vet. She had an exceptional rapport with all creatures, and her “customers” adored her. On May 25, 2004, Cat lost her life while trying to rescue the dogs and cats trapped inside her burning home. Many people visit the memorial and continue to share her story.

River Park also features many benches and stakes with memorial plaques dedicated to people and dogs.

Although the highest user group is people walking with dogs, it is a multi-use space with off-leash privileges. Please note that since the park is not only an off-leash space, dogs must still be under control at all times.


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